Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want: All of It

Fabric company ads often make me go weak in the knees. Case in point:
It's not so much that I want those fabrics on my sofa or my bed, though I probably wouldn't say no to either. It's more that I want that combination of color and pattern absolutely everywhere. The green in the back, the yellow and white stripes, the zigzag on the ceiling, the flowers: all want.

Can't you see this stuff as an outfit? Flowered shirt, with a solid green sweater over it + yellow and white striped skirt + ceiling-striped scarf. Or on a table: Patterned tablecloth, flowered china, striped napkins, little zebra votives.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.


Alicia said...

You Know that Martyn Lawrence Bullard was on that show Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo. He is so over the top (like his designs) and I love it!! This is really awesome!

Kit Pollard said...

Maybe I did know that. If you spell Martyn with a Y, you have GOT to be over the top!


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