Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old School Thursday: American Runs On...Edition

Today is a complicated day in Saint-World, with St. Maurice and St. Phocas sharing the honors. That means today is important to knife grinders (still a profession?) and gardeners alike. I suppose that sort of makes sense – gardening was probably easier, in the historical sense, when the knives were sharp.

It’s also National White Chocolate Day. Because one of these days has to be.

In other news today, in 1903 a man named Italo Marchiony applied for a patent for an ice cream cup mold. And the ice cream cone was born!

Nearly 100 years later, today in 2002, William Rosenberg passed away. I actually hadn’t heard of William Rosenberg before today, which is surprising since the company he founded is such an important part of life these days. You see, he founded Dunkin’ Donuts. Way back in 1950, he opened his first shop in Quincy, Massachusetts (also, at the time, where Cooper’s mom lived!). Way back when, do you think he had visions of egg white flatbreads and Rachael Ray-promoted coffee? Of merchandising and brand expansion? Or did he just want to make some doughnuts?

Either way, we’re glad he did. So honor his memory today with something – anything – from DD. And maybe an ice cream cone to go with.

On another note, I realize blogging’s been light and I’m sorry. I’ve got a big Monday deadline, plus a certain someone’s 5th birthday party on Sunday. Busy days chez Pollard.

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