Friday, April 15, 2011

Restaurant Stuff

Things are busy, around the Pollard house, around the city and around the country:
  • In somewhat catastrophic news for Cooper and me, Dogwood has decided to cancel their Merry Monday wine club series. Since Nick, our favorite waiter, has moved to New Orleans to pursue his film career, the restaurant doesn't have anybody to helm the dinners. They're still doing their Tuesday winemaker dinners, so we'll have to try to get to some of those, but we loved the Mondays and are very sad to see them go. Though I suppose this means far fewer hungover Tuesdays.
  • Petit Louis: STILL getting it done. Instead of going to Dogwood a couple of Mondays ago (since the dinner was cancelled), Cooper and I headed to Petit Louis. It was a Monday night and packed and everything was, as usual, spot on. Cooper had the duck breast, which was tender and amazing and I defied type by ordering an omelette, which was fluffy and perfect and, as it turned out, exactly what I wanted. The only downside to the meal was the obnoxious people on both our right and left who couldn't seem to put away their cell phones. They texted the whole time we were there. At one point, the guy on my left - who was certainly old enough to know better - had two phones out on the table. Really? Can't you just enjoy the company of your dining companions, Mr. Important?
  • In upcoming news, RA Sushi downtown is having 'til closing happy hour on Monday, in honor of tax day. I haven't been to RA, though I hear the food is good and it's fun (if a little loud). They have events all the time, too, which makes me kind of wish I was still young and living downtown.
  • I know I haven't "officially" written about it yet, but apparently Cail and Cooper and I are still ahead of the curve on Chicago. Cail emailed me on Wednesday to tell me that Jam, where we had brunch last Saturday morning, showed up in a Travel & Leisure piece about up and coming Chicago restaurants. Trendsetters!
With that, I think I will be starting my weekend early. So at least part of it isn't drenched in rain.


theminx said...

Once, at Petit Louis, a very important man had to have a telephone call at his table, which was right next to mine. It was so loud in the restaurant, he had to shout to be heard. Because he didn't want to offend his tablemates, he turned and shouted in my face instead, at which point I told him that he needed to take it outside, buddy.

strawberriesinparis said...

Boo about the Dogwood, but NICE about everything else!


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