Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old School Thursday: Hug Your Favorite Leprauchan Edition

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! At our house, St. Pat’s, with its Guinness and green and general good cheer, trumps all the other things that happen today. I don’t really care for corned beef and cabbage, so I’ll be cooking lamb tonight – with potatoes, of course. Can’t celebrate the Irish without potatoes.

As it turns out, St. Patrick doesn’t get a day all to himself. Today is also St. Gertrude of Nivelles’ Day. She is a patron saint of gardeners and travelers and doesn’t she get screwed? Who wants to share their day with St. Patrick? Then again, she’s a saint, so she’s probably above that and doesn’t mind.

That is about all that happened today, though – no major events or birthdays of note. Probably because everybody’d too busy with their green beer to be productive. And rightly so!

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