Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going on around Town: This Week

Maybe it's the weather - that glimmer of spring that we saw last week - but my email inbox has been filled to the brim lately with announcements about events around Baltimore. Everybody's ready to get out of the house - so it's lucky that there are some fun-sounding events coming up:
  • Tomorrow (!), Thursday, February 24th, the Maryland Science Center is holding one of their "Science Uncorked" series of wine tasting and learning events. This one, called "Que Syrah Shiraz," focuses (obviously) on syrah/shiraz. These events sound like so much fun - one day I'm going to make it to one! (Tickets are $50 non-members, $45 members.)
  • On Friday February 25th, starting at 9 PM, there will be a "Midnight Burger Run" at The Reserve (1542 Light Street). Chef Sammy Davis will be making the burgers out of Creekstone Farms beef, which I have not had, but have on good authority it's amazing (that authority is Nathan Stambaugh, CF employee, meat guru and husband of Liz). The burgers will be available from 9 until midnight, unless they run out first. So get there. (Burgers are $16.)
  • On Sunday the 27th, Moveable Feast will be hosting their second annual chili cookoff, benefiting the Ride for the Feast. The cookoff, which starts at 6 PM, is at the Moveable Feast Kitchens at 901 Milton Avenue. Ride for the Feast, which takes place in May, is a two-day bike race that raises funds for Moveable Feast. (Tickets are $15.)
Finally, this isn't actually an event, but it was a press release that I read to the end: Baltimore Magazine has won a Best Feature Design awared in Folio Magazine's Eddie & Ozzie Awards for their October 2009 best breakfasts "Rise and Dine" spread. I mention this not only because I'm a fan of good graphic design (I am) and a fan of Baltimore (I obviously am), but also because I was one of the contributors to that piece. Not on the design end, but still - it's always nice to be a part of something that wins.

It's a lot going on on a short time, I know - but really, don't you want to get out of the house? Especially after yesterday?

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