Monday, February 14, 2011

Back from Chicago

Our travel day yesterday was a bit grueling, mostly because we weren't sure if we'd make it onto our standby flight, which would get us home at 4, or if we'd have to take our actual flight, which had a stop someplace and would get us home at 7 (we got home at 4). The uncertainty was worth it, though, because we had a fantastic weekend in Chicago with tons of old friends. It is amazing how people never really change - in a good way - and friendships can stay exactly the same, even across years and states.

But this is a food blog! We did exactly zero "cultural" things on our trip, but we did eat well. Highlights include: perfectly cooked steak, sweet lobster and incredibly rich lobster bisque at Gibson's (where our waiter was also just about perfect) and a lovely charcuterie platter (with a million choices) at Bin 36.

Also funny: since I live with Cooper, I don't notice his gradual changes, but this weekend, Sam and Kevin, who spent all their time with Cooper in those first post-college years, were more than a little shocked to discover that he's become a total wine snob. Or, not snob exactly, but specific in his tastes. I forget sometimes how funny it is that somebody like Cooper, with his dirty hands and rednecky hobbies, is so into wine.

That's about all I have to report, though. Two days really isn't enough time to spend a) in a city as great as Chicago and b) with old friends who are scattered all over the country. Such is life, though. Such is life.

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