Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old School Thursday: Down with Disease Edition

There’s not much going on today in the way of history, though it is the anniversary of the death of Typhoid Mary, the infamous carrier of typhoid who was immune to the disease, but spread it wherever she worked as a household cook.

Epidemics, though important to learn from, aren’t that fun for blogging, though. Fortunately, today is also National Sundae Day (yay for sundaes!), as well as St. Menas of Egypt Day (patron of travelling merchants) and St. Martin’s Day (patron of drunkards, harvests, horses and innkeepers). And where would we be without travelling merchants, drunkards, harvests, horses and innkeepers? A whole lot more sober, hungry and cold, that’s where we’d be.

Today’s celebration? Raise a glass of something to the drunkards and dig into a sundae. And wash your hands. If there’s one other thing we should celebrate, it’s simple advancements in modern medical knowledge.

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