Thursday, July 01, 2010

Old School Thursday: Too. Many. Brands. Edition

Today is National Gingersnap Day and since I love gingersnaps (see: blog name), I will refrain from any comments about the gingersnap lobby and the lack of need for a random cookie to have its own day.

I don’t need that for material, anyway, because today is pop culture and Americana food history heaven.

First, today in 1916, Coca-Cola introduced the contoured bottle, which we still use today, just in crappy, can’t-stay-cold plastic instead of gorgeous glass. Thirteen years later, in 1929, cartoonist Elzie Segar created Popeye the sailor main who, as we all know, was kind of into spinach. And less into Wimpy burgers.

Another seven years later, in 1936, the world welcomed Wally Amos, Jr. aka “Famous Amos” – of cookie fame. And in 1953, Kraft rolled out Cheez Whiz on a national basis. Mmmm…Cheez Whiz.

Finally, eleven years ago today, in 199, Forrest Edward Mars died. Mars worked with his father, Frank Mars, to develop the Milky Way, then founded a European company of his own, developing the Mars bar and M&Ms. The two men’s companies merged in 1964 to create the world’s largest candy maker.

So many brands, such a short day. Can you drink a Coke and eat spinach, Famous Amos cookies, Cheez Whiz, a Milky Way, Mars bar and M&Ms all today? I’m not sure I’d even want to try.

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