Friday, July 02, 2010

Entertaining Friday: Oh, It's Entertaining, Alright

I am about to get in this:

To go here:

The bottom picture, in case you can't tell, is Mike and Alicia's family's house on Keuka Lake. We've been there a few times and it is one of my very favorite places to visit.

And the picture up top, in case you're not familiar with the genre, is an RV. That's right - a recreational vehicle. Not just any RV, either. This one happens to be the Pollard family RV, purchased specifically for this trip to Keuka Lake. It's a real cherry, too - a 1987 Toyota Escaper. That's right, kids, I said eighty-seven. As in, only three years younger than my sister. Who's not all that young anymore.

The RV purchase came about sort of casually. A month or so ago, Alicia's mom and dad were here visiting and suggested that we (Cooper and Dixon and I, plus Kyle and Mary and Bill) rent an RV to come up to the lake for the fourth. They've got a full house with family, but an enormous driveway. We thought it sounded like a pretty good idea and Cooper started looking into RV rental.

As it turns out, it's expensive to rent a new RV. So expensive, actually, that it's just smart(ish) financial planning to go ahead and buy an old one (especially if you, like us, have somebody well-versed in engine-fixing on board). So a few ebay hours later, we became the proud owners of twenty ridiculous feet of machinery.

So far, Cooper has resisted Alicia's and my suggestions that we paint it hot pink and reupholster the insides in Lilly fabrics, but I'm sure he can't hold out for too much longer.

There's one more thing that makes the entire RV purchase extra ridiculous. When I was 13, my family went on a three-week trip to the Great American West in a 30 foot RV. It might have been the worst three weeks of my life. Yes, it is pretty out there. But have you ever been in a small space with a 13 year old girl? I wouldn't recommend it - and I was that girl. I hated the West, hated the activities, and especially hated my family. I'm sure the feeling was mutual. You know what else I hated? All of the photographic evidence. Like this little gem:

Pretty scenery, right? And awesomely 1989 shirt on me? I believe it's Outback Red.

That picture hangs in the playroom at my parents' house. IN POSTER FORM. I think it's my parents' revenge for my three weeks of bad attitude.

Anyway, dark memories and awkward family photos aside, I am really looking forward to this weekend - even the drive.

And I hope everyone out there has a safe and happy fourth!


Kate said...

You look SO MUCH like Erin in that picture! I can't believe that little girl is even Erin!

Kit Pollard said...

Hearing that might not make Erin so happy!

It's actually funny - it's so much easier for me to see that we look alike when I look at old pictures.


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