Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old School Thursday: Feeling Continental Edition

Today is National Penuche Day and I am not totally ashamed to say that I had to google “penuche” to figure out what it was. But once I saw a picture, I realized I’ve eaten it a million times. So OK, national day, you raised my awareness. So you’re worth it.

Today is also a big day on the Continent, starting in 1461, when Charles VII of France was born. While Charles himself didn’t contribute so much to the world of gastronomy, his mistress, Agnes Sorel, was a famous cook of the time.

Fast-forward almost four-hundred years, to 1822, and Gregor Mendel was born in Austria. Mendel, of course, is the botanist who developed the science of genetics. Which, obviously, has a whole lot to do with food.

Finally, sadly, today in 1956, Maurice Edmond Sailland, more commonly known as Curnonsky, fell out of a window to his death at the age of 84. Curnonsky was a French writer of all types, but he was also awarded the title “Prince of Gastronomes” – the only man to ever receive the honor in a country that is just jam-packed with gastronomes.

So, today, to celebrate, why not go Gallic? And, of course, add in a little penuche, just for luck.

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