Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Night's Dinner: Fish Tacos with Pickled Onions and Peppers

We had a busy weekend with lots of work-related obligations, but we managed to eat pretty well anyway. Friday night, I used CSA eggplant an Ceriello sauce, pasta and mozzarella to make eggplant parmigiana, which we ate quietly while watching all our DVRed shows. Saturday, Alicia and Mike and Kyle and Mary came over (with Kyle and Mary's new puppy Mia) and we had crab cakes and a super simple panzanella made with sourdough bread and tomatoes from our garden.

And last night, Bill came over and, at Cooper's suggestion, I made fish tacos. I don't cook a lot of fish at home, but I'm not really sure why. These were really easy.

I started with this recipe, but twisted it around a bit. I made the pickled onions and peppers exactly according to the recipe and they were fantastic. After only about two hours of sitting in the refrigerator, they were bright and acidic and a little sweet - a really nice complement to the lightly fried fish.

Speaking of the fish, I used tilapia and I skipped the cilantro in the buttermilk mixture. When I cooked them, I only dredged them very lightly in the flour - I didn't want a heavy fry - and I pan fried in olive oil instead of vegetable (have to be heart healthy, you know). It took forever, and I wish I had just cooked the fish in large pieces, then sliced it after cooking, but the flavor was great.

We served the fish and onions and peppers with those Trader Joe's handmade tortillas that are so good, plus pepper jack cheese, guacamole, salsa verde and salsal fresca, sour cream, and lettuce. We all ate too much.


citymouse said...

Fish tacos have to be one of my favorite foods! I will give these a try. The thing I will probably try first is making the pickled jalapeƱos and onions. They sound wonderful and I can think of so many things to use them on.

Marly said...

your blog is too fine. Thanks for sharing this.


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