Friday, May 28, 2010

Kyle & Mary's Wedding - and Upcoming on M&G

We've got a lot going on right now.

This weekend is Kyle and Mary's wedding, which feels like a long time coming, mostly because it's easy to forget that they're not already married. Today is the rehearsal at St. Ignatius Loyola (which is beautiful) followed by dinner at Sammy's Trattoria and an after-party at Maisy's on Charles Street.

Tomorrow is the big day, with the wedding and the reception at the Tremont Grand. I am looking forward to every step of it, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Dixon is the ringbearer. As soon as he makes it down the aisle, I'll be fine, but there's a lot of room for showboating on that walk. He'll be with Maddy, the flower girl, and that could go either way. They could be sweet and walk down like little angels. Or they could do something else. We'll see.

Since we've got a lot of primping to do today (Dixon was just doing his own nails - seriously), I'll make this short, with just a quick preview of a few things I'll write about next week, including:

  • The upcoming Great Grapes event and my bacon throwdown vs. the Minx and the Baltimore Snacker. I'll have a pair of tickets to give away, too, so watch out for that.
  • My review of Cinghiale. And this time it's for real. I've even made a little PowerPoint chart to summarize what we ate, so I promise, I really will write the review.
  • My long, long, long overdue review of Pappas' and their amazing crab cakes. Yes, we went there before Alicia and Mike's baby was born and yes, Maggie will be seven weeks old tomorrow. I'll get on it, really.

Until then, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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