Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peeps Season

I love Easter candy (says the girl with an open bag of black jelly beans sitting behind her computer). Cadbury cream eggs, Reeses peanut butter and chocolate eggs, pink Russell Stover eggs with fluffy pink filling...all perfect examples of the pure sugar + food coloring that passes for Easter basket candy.

And then there are Peeps. I might not like them quite as much as I like the aforementioned black jelly beans (how lucky am I that I loooove something that everyone else hates?) - but I've never been known to turn one down. Especially one that's been sitting out for a day or two. Stale Peeps = THE BEST.

Also the best? The Washington Post's annual Peep Diorama contest. Pure genius. This year, the winner was a tribute to Pixar's Up, and it was excellent, but I found a few real favorites among the semi-finalists:

Peepaline (based on my favorite kids' book ever):

The Mad Peeps of Sterling Copeep (probably now known as Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Peep):

Georgia O'Peep:

Peep Coupe (inspired by Chick-fil-A, where I eat about twice a week):


Sarah Willey said...

I love Peeps but for whatever reason-this sort of creeps me out a little. Peeps should not have hats or eyes that move.

Kit Pollard said...

Really? Obsessing over the slideshow is like a family tradition chez Waskom. So maybe I'm just used to it...

sarah said...

Have a Happy Easter! (Creepy Peeps and all) :) We are headed to the Pocs with the entire extended Willey clan! Should be fun!

Kit Pollard said...

You too! Tell your fam I said happy easter. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous up there this weekend. So nice!


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