Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Want: Marimekko Clothes

I already have some of it in my house. I would like more of it on my table. But mostly, I want some Marimekko to actually wear. Any of these, from their Spring 2010 line, would do:
I especially like that last dress - at least in part because I am powerless in the face of a too-short skirt paired with a preppy pattern. What I love about all of these, though, is that while they have a Scandinavian vibe, they definitely don't look like anything Bjork would wear. That dress in the middle is even kind of Betty Draper-ish. Love that.


theminx said...

I could see Bjork in that third dress, maybe with liquid metal leggings and feathery angel wings?

Kit Pollard said...

That's funny - that's the one I actually tried to find online to buy yesterday - and I am so not Bjorkish. But I do have silver tights. And I'm sure I could wrangle up some wings. I might see a Halloween costume in my future.


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