Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old School Thursday: Legends Edition

Well, the lobbies really got their hands on this day. It’s:
a) National Granola Bar Day
b) International Hot & Spicy Food Day
c) Rid the World of Fad Diets Day

Obviously a confusing day for someone who’s on a diet of granola bars, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

Today is also St. Agnes of Rome’s day. She is the patron saint of gardeners and Girl Scouts, which I think is kind of a sweet combination, and certainly a food-related one.

It’s a big day in other food news, too. First, all the way back in 1338, Charles V of France was born. He was the king who commissioned Taillevant to write Le Viandier, which was the first professional cookery book. Charles V’s commitment to excellent food made his reign legendary for its feasts.

Six hundred years later (wow) in 1937, Marcel Boulestin began his BBC program Cook’s Night Out (according to some sources). Boulestin was the very first TV chef, paving the way for Julia Child, Mario Batali, and even Rachael Ray. The Food Network thanks you, Marcel.

Today rounds out on a sad note, with the 1985 death of legendary foodie, James Beard. Beard’s contributions to the American food world are too numerous to mention, but considering that I still get a regular email from the foundation bearing his name, I think we’re unlikely to forget him anytime soon.

So how to celebrate today? You know what, just eat well. I think Charles V, Marcel Boulestin, James Beard, and St. Agnes of Rome would appreciate it.

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