Thursday, December 24, 2009

Old School Thursday: So Much More Than Christmas Eve Edition

Merry Christmas Eve. Hope everyone has a wonderful meal tonight, if you’re celebrating, and a fantastic day tomorrow. Today happens to be National Egg Nogg Day, which is, for once, completely, 100% appropriate. It’s also St. Adam’s Day, which is a little less appropriate, since he’s the patron saint of gardeners (and it’s not like it’s gardening season). But it’s Christmastime, so it’s really time for all the saints, right?

In other news, today would be Kit Carson’s 200th birthday, which really only merits mention here because a) supposedly his last words were, “Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili,” and b) his name was Kit. Much like a certain blogger’s.

There’s little food-related news to speak of, then, until 2006, when thieves in a Chicago suburb stole a tractor trailor full of half a million dollars worth of broccoli. Which, really, is an awful lot of broccoli.

On normal days, this is where I’d say you should celebrate with broccoli and chili, but let’s be realistic. Tonight, it’s all about the egg nog.


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