Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bone Marrow Drive at Ryan's Daughter this Sunday

Jonathan (left) and Brad post-throwdown.

Longtime readers will (maybe) remember that my very first throwdown experience was of the latke variety. Two and a half years ago, I was invited to a holiday party at the home of our friends Brad and Eileen. The highlight: a latke cookoff between Brad and his high school friend Jonathan. Jonathan won, but it was close. Much hilarity and trash talk all around.

This past March, Jonathan was diagnosed with acute leukemia. No one ever expects that kind of diagnosis, and probably least of all an active and apparently healthy 32 year old guy. Since his diagnosis, Jonathan has been in and out of Hopkins receiving treatment.

Recently, Jonathan's doctors told him that chemotherapy alone isn't enough for him to make a full and lasting recovery - he needs a bone marrow transplant. Currently, no one is a 100% match for Jonathan's bone marrow.

His family and friends have worked hard and quickly to organize bone marrow drives in a bunch of cities - Baltimore included. The Baltimore drive will take place this Sunday, July 19th, from 3 PM to 9 PM.

If you're in a position to donate, please consider coming by Ryan's Daughter. The test is simple and only takes a minute - just a cheek swab. And then you can treat yourself to a Guinness for the effort.

To read more about Jonathan and about bone marrow transplants, visit


Erin said...

Small world! My friend's father has worked with Jonathan's wife for many years and I heard about the drive from my friend. Did you go and get swabbed? I wanted to but I am deep in the doldrums of bar studying so I couldn't make it. Thanks for plugging the drive!!

Kit Pollard said...

I'm not surprised by anything like that anymore - Baltimore is SO small. One of Jonathan's best friends from college is also one of my old friends from work. It's like 2 degrees of Courtney and Jonathan!

And I did go - there was a huge turnout and everyone at Ryan's Daughter and at Belvedere Square was awesome. I'm already in the bank, but I helped w/registration for a little while and it was amazing to see how many people came out.

Good luck with the bar - you're so, so close!


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