Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: Mondrian Cake and Artsy Desserts at the SFMOMA

I owe a big thank you to Libby for sending me this article and this blog post on pastry chef Caitlin Williams Freeman's cool cakes. Freeman makes the desserts at the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar, in the sculpture garden of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, drawing inspiration from the exhibits at the museum and from other works of art.

The blog post includes desserts by a few other artsy pastry chefs - they're all pretty amazing.

As a fan of both Mondrian and dessert, and having tried (and failed) to mimic modern art via pastry, I have nothing but admiration for Freeman and her fellow pastry artists.

Well, admiration as well as a burning desire to visit the SFMOMA while wearing a YSL Mondrian dress. Too matchy? Yes. But also the kind of dorky thing I love.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! Strangely enough, I was formerly a bay area resident, and still regularly read, home of the original article... BUT I never saw/read about the cake until now!!! Thanks for posting!

Levinson & Axelrod said...

Impressed. That's very nice food art.


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