Monday, June 08, 2009

Trendy Monday: Haute Dogs

First it was the $60 Buloud burger. Was there ever any doubt that haute dogs were far behind?

If there ever was, it's all come crashing down over the past few weeks. With Chicago's Hot Doug's all over the Travel Channel, the James Beard Foundation getting in on the action, and the July issue of Bon Appetit bursting at its sausage casing seams (the "Around the World in 80 Dogs" article reads a little bit like a dog-oriented version of Forrest Gump's friend Bubba, with all its "pizzeria dogs and Syrian dogs and Thai dogs"), I feel pretty confident declaring that hot dogs are currently having their moment in the foodie sun.

Plus, over the weekend I was involved in a (joking, gross) conversation about a dirty hot dog martini (a dirty martini using leftover water from boiling hot dogs, with a cocktail weenie garnish). And everyone knows a food's not really hot until it's got its own 'tini, right?


theminx said...

LOL a dirty water dogtini could be the official cocktail of NY street food!

Sarah said...

um, the dirty hog dog martini totally sounds like something i would think of (and possibly like). lol

Kit Pollard said...

"dirty hog dog"? That DOES sound like something you would like.

Will we see you next week at all at the beach? It may be worth it for you to take some time off work. Cooper has purchased a caja china and we will be roasting a whole pig...


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