Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New Favorite Consumer Segment: The Gastrosexual

After looking through yesterday's pig roasting pics, my friend DC Jason sent me the following email, under the subject line "coop?":
Gastrosexuals are masculine, upwardly mobile men, aged 25-44, who are passionate about cooking and the rewards that it might bring – pleasure, praise and potential seduction.

It made me laugh, obviously. I also had no choice but to download the full report, which includes gems like this:
The sensuality of food is key; the richness of the experience, but also the ability to control that richness to enhance one flavour with another - and the effect this has on others. The display of this skill brings about other benefits - the gaining of praise and the ability to impress others. The term also expresses the growing acceptance that men, cooking and masculinity are not mutually exclusive - rather they can be part of an attractive form of male identity.

Upon further reflection, this may be mostly interesting to research geeks like me. And even if the findings aren't wildly surprising to this research analyst/food blogger, great research. What a totally fun project.

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