Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year, New Look, New Content

The new year is the time for changes, right? Last year, just about this time, I decided to ramp up the posting here on Mango & Ginger, and I created a little bit of an editorial calendar for myself. After a year of Trendy Mondays, Quotable Tuesdays, Artsy Wednesdays, Old School Thursdays and Dictionary Fridays, I took stock of what I wrote in 2009, and I've decided to make a couple of new changes.

The first one, probably the most noticeable, is the new header. I love the one the minx designed for me last year, but for some reason I'm just feeling a little minimal these days. Maybe it's because my house is stuffed full of so many toys that all of my dreams of having a fabulously streamlined interior have been shattered. If I can't have it in real life, at least I can embrace virtual minimalism.

Those of you who are especially observant may also notice another change in the header: the subhead. I've ditched the research and added a little design. I find myself thinking and writing more and more about design lately, and less and less about research, so the change seemed natural.

And, with that, here's the new weekly calendar for M&G posting:
  • Trendy Monday (Same as before)
  • Ideabook Tuesday (I'll feature one of my ideabooks and write a little about design)
  • Artsy Wednesday (Same as before)
  • Old School Thursday (Again, same)
  • Thursday Links (Just a handful of links to stuff I find interesting)
  • Entertaining Friday (Entertaining tips and ideas, party recaps, etc.)
So there it is. Happy 2009!


theminx said...

Gee, and I thought the header I did for you was too minimalist. Guess not.

Kit Pollard said...

I think I must be a SUPER minimalist. I really do love that header, though. It'll be back in rotation...


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