Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ideabook Tuesday: Not Your Grandmother's Wallpaper

Here's my first installment in the new "Ideabook Tuesday" feature - a collection of really cool rooms with wallpaper. While stripping wallpaper is far from my favorite activity, I'm really into how it makes these spaces look. Not exactly Laura Ashley-esque.

Every time I get Design Public's newsletter, I gaze longingly at their incredible wallpaper selection. Knowing that Cooper would kill me if he came home and I'd papered anything.


Anonymous said...

It's so funny that you should post this because I was just saying to Mike that if we were to look at that house in Towson that has hideous wallpaper in many rooms, I would totally cover the walls with some new hip wallpaper. Because after you strip wallpaper the walls are never the same, especially plaster walls! My favorite is grass cloth. I am dying to an entry way and hallway in grass cloth. AKB

Kit Pollard said...

But you've got the wallpaper hookup, too so you should totally do that!

I would love to paper the wall to the left when you walk in to our house - where the moose rack is. I think it would be such a cool contrast. But after the fiasco at our old house, which was top to bottom wallpaper, Cooper won't ever let me do that...


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