Thursday, November 27, 2008

Old School Thursday: Shopping Carts & Turkeys Edition

Well, today is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day, which somehow doesn’t seem wildly American and appropriate for the last Thursday in November but, again, there’s a lobby for everything.

Also, today in 1984, Sylvan Goldman died. He was a grocery magnate – for a while he owned a majority of Piggly-Wiggly and while he was in charge there, he invented the shopping cart. He was also a marketing genius, in that he realized it would be smart to hire people to pretend to be shoppers using the shopping carts. Because shopping carts are so conspicuous, people would be afraid to try them first – nobody wants to look stupid. But if somebody’s already using them…well, he was obviously very smart.

But what’s most interesting to me about today is that November 27, 1924 was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And today will be Dixon’s first viewing of the same (in a little less than an hour).

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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