Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lost City Diner

I know this will make some of you happy. Suzanne Loudermilk posted good news yesterday: Zodiac's former chef Christina DiAngelo has a new job. She'll be cooking at the Lost City Diner, a spacey, 30's-themed diner owned by Joy Martin (also the owner of Club Charles). The diner will be located somewhere in that same area just north of the train station.

Unfortunately, I never made it to Zodiac while it was open, but everybody I know loved it. I'll make a point of visiting Lost City when it opens.

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theminx said...

I think Joy owns most of the buildings on that side of the block.

I went to Zodiac once several years ago and while the food was ok, I wasn't overly impressed. And their plates were too small. Not the servings - the dishes themselves. Food hung over the edges in an unappealing manner, much the way they do at Outhouse Steakback.


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