Monday, September 22, 2008

Trendy Monday: Supermom Glamour

Deep Glamour has a post this morning mentioning the trendiness of "supermom glamour." The post starts out about J.Lo, in all her post-triathalon glory, but it's not hard to make the leap to super-hockey-mom-with-lipstick glamour.

I wouldn't ever describe myself as either a supermom or glamorous, but I can't deny that the idea (myth?) of supermom glamour is attractive to me.

So I wonder if that's part of what drives me in the kitchen. Cooking can be, but isn't always, a glamorous endeavor - millions of parents hurriedly microwaving chicken fingers and french fries probably see very little fabulosity in what they're doing. But fit into a larger story about supermom glamour, even frozen chicken fingers taken on a bit of mystique.

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