Monday, September 22, 2008

Baltimore Sun's Review of Crush (Also and Update on My Life)

Elizabeth Large's review of Crush appeared in yesterday's paper, and what she had to say was mostly good, to my great, great relief.

We haven't been yet, but I'm happy to know that the space itself was left mostly unchanged (the decor was the best thing about Taste) but that the location itself doesn't seem to be cursed. As I've mentioned before, I very badly wanted to like Taste - it was so cute and so close to my house - but the poor service and mediocre food got in the way.

EL mentions that Crush seems to be attempting to fill two needs at once: it's both a neighborhood restaurant and a dining destination. That's not always an easy thing, but definitely not impossible - Petit Louis seems to do a good job with it.

Hopefully we'll get there soon. In the meantime, soon I'll have a review up of the amazing dinner I had at The Modern last Friday night. Talk about destination dining. I'll also write about my grandmother's 90th birthday party on Saturday night. And this week, on Thursday, we're going to Fogo de Chao for Jen's birthday. While most of our friends have been at least once, Cooper and Jen and I haven't been at all and we're looking forward to carnivoring it up.

Plus, we have Dixon's second birthday coming up a week from today and, just a few days after that, Missy and Seth's wedding at the beach. It's a busy month and we'll be eating a lot.

So I guess I'll be writing a lot, too.

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