Monday, September 08, 2008

Some Things I Can't Connect to Food

I've tried, but I just can't figure out any connections. But I want to link to these anyway:

Artists infuse portraits of famous people with the artists' own features. Cool research on soooo many levels. What does it mean about artists? About humanity? About our visual perceptions? About our psychological perceptions? About the way we record history?

This subject is so incredibly interesting to me that I almost can't handle thinking about it. It gets very meta, very quickly.

What is up with how hip the undead are these days? Zombies are all over the place lately - something I was reminded of while watching Rihanna perform Disturbia at the VMA's last night (we only really watched a minute of it, all for Brit Brit, and I found Russell Brand so annoying that I couldn't take any more). During the (very weird) performance, I said something about zombies to Cooper and he was like, "You know, vampires, too. Vampires are everywhere." Good point.

Is pop culture trying to tell us something? If so, is it important? I just can't tell.

And that's it. My non-food-related observations for the day.

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