Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last Night's Dinner: I Am Quite Ready for Some Football, Thank You

Last night marked the start of the Monday Night Football season and, while for some that means Tuesday morning hangovers, chez Pollard, it's all about the food. Specifically, the start of the Monday night Andy Nelson's all you can eat barbecue special.

We hauled ourselves up to Cockeysville last night and spent an hour eating as much as physically possible. The buffet doesn't include the entire Andy Nelson's menu, but it does cover our favorites - pork BBQ (for me) and both wet and dry ribs (for Cooper). Oh, and cornbread, which is pretty much all Dixon eats. Plus, of course, cole slaw and potato salad and beans (and peach cobbler for dessert).

Sometimes the food is a little hit or miss. Last night my dry ribs were excellent - moist and flavorful - but Cooper and Mike both got ribs from a drier batch. Overall, though, pretty great, especially since it was beautiful out last night, so we could sit at the picnic tables outside of the converted garage that houses most of the all-you-can-eat seating. Kids were happy, food was messy, we all left a little too full.

And looking forward to next week!

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theminx said...

hmm...maybe we should try that sometime.... I still haven't eaten at Andy Nelson's.


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