Friday, August 29, 2008

This Weekend - UPDATED!

We're going to Fenwick today and I won't be blogging on Monday, it being Labor Day and all, and like most of the country, I'll be away from the internet for most of the weekend. So hopefully Marcel won't get another DUI and Rachael Ray won't melt into a pool of pre-chopped onions and EVOO, or anything like that.

But I will leave you with this: Erin's friend Lis met TC4 Mark out at a restaurant (Public) last night. Once again, thanks to only a few degrees of separation, I believe I am famous. This time, in the food-related reality TV world.

Famous, famous, famous.

UPDATE: While on my way to the beach, my sister called me and told me that not only did Lis meet Mark, she had him leave a message on Erin's phone! Saying, "I don't think Padma liiiikes me!"

Isn't Lis a good friend?


Erin said...

That DEFINITELY counts as making you famous. Well done! Did Mark say or do anything particularly interesting? Or did he just speak in his adorable Kiwi accent (which would be acceptable)?

Hope you're doing well, Kit!

Kit Pollard said...

Hey Erin - I hope you're doing well, too!

It sounds like Mark was a TOTALLY good sport. I always like hearing that "celebrities" are nice!


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