Thursday, August 14, 2008

Julia Child: Now Even Cooler than Ever

I just know she made such a bad-ass spy. So what if she didn't exactly blend in? Nobody would guess that she was covert op-ing.

I wonder if, now that the OSS personnel records have been released, they're doing a quick rewrite for certain Julie & Julia scenes, just to add some juicy details. Or if about 50 writers are clamoring to write the definitive Julia Child spy novel.

Sigh. More lives I wish I had. Food revolution heroine and international super spy? Yes, please.


Tom Aarons said...

Isn't this so cool, but kind of weird at the same time! She always seemed so NOT like a CIA agent! :)

Elizabeth said...

best week ever had an awesome post about why chefs make great spies. it was hilarious! her story would make a great movie...


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