Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old School Thursday: Old, New and Iconic Edition

National Pina Colada Day. I like a nice pina colada.

Today’s a weird, busy day, covering everything from the oldest sort of old school to the newest of the new. Today in 1720 a Mrs. Clements invented a for-the-time famous method of preparing mustard powder (Durham Mustard). Today also marks the 9th anniversary of the death of Bunny Lapin, inventor of Reddi-Wip. In a sort of combination of the new and the old, today in 1985, Coca-Cola announced it was bringing back “old” Coke after the “New Coke” debacle.

Beyond all the random things that happened today, today is also the birthday of two food and drink icons. Today in either 1839 or 1842, Adolphus Busch was born. He was, obviously, cofounder of Anheuser Busch (and future benefactor of the greatest school ever). Today is also the birthday of uber-famous writer Marcel Proust (1871), the man responsible for countless modern mentions of the Madeleine (including on this blog), and the inspiration for a big chunk of the end of Ratatouille.

Finally, in unrelated-to-food news, today is the seventh anniversary of my very last business school class EVER, the class that marked the official (and very welcome) end to my formal education. It’s a little bit of a personal holiday for me. Today, I will celebrate…by working.


Kate said...

Did they really name their child Bunny Lapin? "Lapin" is french for "Rabbit"...clever people!

Kit Pollard said...

I didn't even catch that!

It was a nickname, actually - his real name was Arthur - but that IS clever!


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