Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another One (Temporarily) Bites the Dust

Vin's closing in anticipation of the Towson Circle construction. And when it reopens, Chef Paternotte, of went-to-college-with-Cooper fame, will no longer be a part of the team.

Here's the email I just got:

VIN To Close Temporarily For Remodeling

VIN, the critically acclaimed and popular restaurant and outdoor lounge, will temporarily close on August 3rd and remodel in anticipation of the construction of the exciting Towson Circle III development directly adjacent to VIN. The planning of Towson Circle III has been carefully coordinated to integrate seamlessly with the original Towson Circle project and VIN itself. It is the hope of VIN management that the construction staging will allow the restaurant to re-open before the completion of Towson Circle III construction.

Due to the extended downtime of the facility during this period, Executive Chef Chris Paternotte will be leaving to explore other opportunities. His stewardship of VIN resulted in not only a successful business, but a truly special culinary experience, and we highly look forward to his next endeavor.

We are also proud to announce a spectacular finish to VIN "Part One" from Friday July 18th through Saturday August 2nd. The VIN team will be preparing truly unique and exciting nightly specials, classic VIN favorites, and offering an incredible opportunity for our guests to enjoy a wide selection of bottles of wine at half price. Portions will be oversized to tide everyone over until our next phase can launch!

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John said...

So I guess they're not doing Restaurant Week? Maybe when it reopens...


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