Friday, June 20, 2008

Top Chef Reunion Thoughts

Just a couple:

- So...Jen and Zoi broke up, huh? That makes me a little sad. Except that Zoi was crying on TV again! She can't even say her own name without welling up.

- Lisa definitely hired a PR person - I'm even more sure of it now. I could just feel the bitterness slowly boiling just beneath the surface. But good job sticking to your talking points, Lisa!

- I wish that Richard had won fan favorite. Stephanie was my personal favorite, but she won the whole thing. I liked Richard just about as much...and he really did deserve to win something.

- I think that Andrew might not be as annoying in real life as he was on TV (of course, I do have a pretty high tolerance for annoying). I thought his Dungeons & Dragons joke was funny, even if he did avoid the unspoken "are you on meth" line of questioning. He seems genuinely good-hearted, especially when facing down The Chin.

- Ryan is worse than I remembered. And not even as cute.

That's really all. Once again, Cooper and I were struck by how much more talented this group was than, say, the season two crew. But there just wasn't an outrageous amount of drama. You know, though? That's OK. Because sometimes, even reality TV really can be about the food.


Nanc Twop said...

I never noticed cryin' Zoi until you mentioned it.

And I think you're right - Richard should get a few thousand, and so should all the rest - I'm sure Bravo can spare the profit from -one- tv ad to split amongst the chefestants.

theminx said...

I liked Andrew a lot more after seeing his montage video. He would probably annoy the crap out of me if I had to be around him for more than fifteen minutes, but he seemed like a nice and often fun person.


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