Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old School Thursday: Ice Cream, Cheerios and Gin Edition

Not a lot today, but the few things that did happen are pretty big. Like the introduction of Cheerios (then called Cheriots) in 1945. I’ve already celebrated with a bowl.

Twenty-one years ago today, in 1987, Ben & Jerry’s introduced Cherry Garcia ice cream. First of all, I can’t believe that was 21 years ago. I am old. Also, isn’t it strange to think that Jerry Garcia’s ice cream was only available for a few years before he died? I actually remember his death pretty well – I was in college then, in my full-on Birkenstock-wearing phase (with pearls and big bows in my hair, but still). Anyway, I do love Cherry Garcia.

Also today: National Martini Day. Plus, Cooper and I got married four years ago this morning. Happy anniversary, Cooper!

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