Monday, May 12, 2008

Trendy Monday: Opposites - Serene Agro-Urbanism + Crazy & Horrific New Products

Landscape+Urbanism: Agro-Urbanism

It's a double-trend Monday today, and the trends couldn't be more different. First thing this morning, I ran across this post from Jason King at Landscape + Urbanism. It's a comprehensive and informative (a little overwhelming, even) look at trends in urban agriculture - one of those trends that makes sense in so many ways, is totally zeitgeisty, and is somehow also not at all new. It just got lost for a hundred-ish years.

The second trend is the polar opposite of the first. James Lileks writes about his weekend trip to the grocery store. He notes taht he used to work at a grocery store, way back when, and that it gave him more than a little insight into what was happening in food at the time. Not in a fancy-schmancy local-sustainable-organic-etc sort of way, but in a this-is-what-real-people-feed-their-kids way.

Apparently, today, the answer to that includes "guess the flavor" Doritos and french toast-flavored Eggo syrup. Delish.

In my house, we exist somewhere between these two planes. On one hand, yesterday Cooper's mom gave this cool little portable salad garden, so I can fulfill my daydreams about wandering into the backyard to cut my own greens without having to, you know, actually plant those greens. In the afternoon, we went to the market and picked out fancy, pretty, responsible food to cook while we supported our local businesses.

And then we came home to our kitchen, which is full of Tonka "fruit snacks" and processed-to-death string cheese.

Plus, as soon as we got home, it started pouring and I threw my back out. So I ordered Chinese food and ended the day eating egg rolls smothered in duck sauce (my fortune, by the way, simply said "The weather is wonderful." I laughed out loud.)

So, yeah, our eating habits take up space someplace south of perfectly pure. But the day I buy french toast-flavored syrup...well, let's just hope I don't get to that day.

This Post was written by Kit Pollard from Mango & Ginger

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