Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quotable Tuesday: Rachael Ray. She's Got Our Young, Too

Also, feel free to make these same recipes if you are way older, too. I am 35 and I still make them all. - Rachael Ray, in Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals for Kids

The very first recipe in this book, which I can't ignore because it glares at me, with its cartoony fonts and wide-mouth smiles, every time Dixon and I go to Barnes & Noble's kids' section, is for "hot dog pizzas and minute pickles."

The pizzas involve bagels, ketchup, hot dogs and "pre-shredded cheddar cheese" and the pickles are made with sugar, steak seasoning and cucumbers.

You still make this, Rach? For real?

If that's really the case, then, maybe I'll lay off. Because actually, eating her own food might be punishment enough for plaguing us with the catch-phrases, the abbreviations, the tight shirts, the voice.

Might be.


John said...

I really don't want to discourage children from learning about cooking and getting involved in making healthy food.

Of course, THAT isn't "healthy" (or appetizing) by any stretch of the imagination! Did you see the nasty 1840-calorie Italian Tuna sandwich recipe of hers on Yahoo! (and that I complained about - Roopa commented that it sure doesn't look as "healthful" as the Rach-meister makes it out to be)? Bleeeeah

Kit Pollard said...


I am all for getting kids in the kitchen and teaching them how to cook and how to eat right. But this just sounds revolting. And why does she have to dumb it down so much??? Kids are, actually, capable of eating real food.

Kathy aka the Minx said...

Might be.

Making "pizza" from bagels and hotdogs is not what I'd call cooking. It teaches kids to eat garbage and doesn't allow them to develop a discerning palate.


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