Monday, May 05, 2008

Trendy Monday: Lunch Trucks

The June Bon Appetit arrived over the weekend, confirming a thought that's been percolating for a couple of weeks now: lunch trucks are all the rage. The magazine has a page dedicated to various amazing lunch carts around the country, including one in Richmond, which Tom and Cail (up here for a wedding) were happy to see.

This came on the heels of another lunch truck feature - I ran across a similar article a couple of weeks ago, but I can't remember where! It was either in F&W or Domino, but for whatever reason, I just can't find the issue (also, the Bon Appetit article isn't online - a post with no links! Ugh!)

I work from home, so I don't really have much occasion to buy food from a cart, and anyway, even when I worked downtown, the business district in Baltimore isn't exactly teeming with cool street food options. But I am wholeheartedly behind this zeitgeisty movement. It promotes regional cooking and eating at its finest and most pared down, and that is something we all need a little more of.

Anyway, you heard it here, well, thirdish. Lunch trucks. Having the best month ever.


strawberriesinparis said...


love it


Pigtown-Design said...

Roach coaches? ewww.


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