Sunday, May 18, 2008

On My Wavelength

I'm feeling pretty in tune with the cosmos right now and not just because I actually have some free time today (but I do, and it is amazing).

First, this morning I read this Mike Steinberger article on Slate - it's about good wines for $15 or less. Good and cheap? Sign me up. As it turns out, I think I've had nearly all the wines Steinberger recommends, including our house wine, Altos Las Hormigos. I'm totally ahead of the curve. (Though, as an aside, Wells has run out of hte 2006 vintage, so I had to branch out and try something new this weekend. In an effort to stop spending all our money on booze, I decided to make price a priority, buying two 1.5 liter bottles of Charamba Red, a table wine from the Duoro Valley in Portugal. My experience with table wine when I was actually in the Duoro Valley wasn't very good - every glass was worse than the one before - but this was good. It's a really easy wine to drink. There's not a whole lot to it, but it has a nice sort of light fruity flavor and it's pleasantly soft. It's a nice complement to cheese and crackers, and perfect for summer. Plus, did I mention that it's cheap? $15.99 for a big bottle. Cheap.)

So anyway - that's my wine story. In touch with the cosmos, if the cosmos are named Mike Steinberger.

There's a food part to the story, too, though. While reading the internets this morning, I came across a blogger who thinks basically all the same things I think - it's almost funny. So if you're looking for more ruminating on food and memory and social implications and theory...check out The Knead to Feed.

The blogger is still in college, which kind of makes me jealous (and not just in an "oh my God I miss college it was so fun" kind of way). I can't ever help but wonder what direction my life would've taken if I'd gotten serious about food when I was a little younger. Lost possible selves and all that.

And now I'm going to continue to enjoy my oneness with everything around me...and my lack of a to-do list.

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John said...

Oooh, cheapo wine is the only kind I buy! I sink more of my alcohol money into beer. I just bought a good Australian one at the most recent Wednesday wine tasting at the Wine Source. It's made by Langmeil from South Australia's Borassa Valley. I don't remember what the specific name of the wine is, but it's waiting on my counter to be drunk. And I'm not even a red person. It was only $16.


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