Friday, May 16, 2008

Dictionary Friday (Also Top Chef): Butternut Squash

butternut squash
It's the new yuzu.

I didn't even really notice it during the episode, but this morning when I read the comments to this BWE post, all I could think was - SERIOUSLY. I love butternut squash and all, and I looooove Stephanie, but there's been a lot of it.

I think it's also a weird thing to watch a show that has obvious seasonal elements. It's spring, but the show was filmed in the fall, and it shows in the food. In fact, I'm almost surprised we don't see more of a seasonal push. My guess is that the producers discourage it.

Other quick thoughts:
- Sam. He looked good, huh? Except for all the bracelets? Also, Cooper thinks he and Padma are doing it. Not that they were during his season, but that they are now. Sam is the new CJ.

- Check out those BWE comments. Someone from Chicago says she hears Stephanie closed her restaurant, so there's speculation she won. But someone from Atlanta says that Richard's opening a restaurant of his own, so there's speculation that he won. Either would make me happy.

- I have to change my Farf team. I've kept it since the very first episode (when I HAD to drop Ryan because I hated him so much). But now that Andrew's's time for me to pick up a little of the Blais heat.

- Anybody else laugh when Lisa made a comment about other people's bad attitudes? I am so ready for her to go. I can't believe someone actually lives with her all the time.

Lisa or no, I'm psyched for Restaurant Wars, even though that episode always stresses me out because so many bad things happen. But it's such good TV.

Oh - and totally off topic - Dwight and Angela??? That almost made it OK that Jim's proposal was thwarted.


strawberriesinparis said...

lisa is so annoying!!! ah!

yeah poor jim. :-)

John said...

Oh that Best Week Ever thing is VERY funny! Unless you're Andrew. In which case you'll say something inappropriate and phallic.

I am thisclose to praying that something horrible will happen to Spike, but I can't because it's not nice to pray for bad stuff to happen to people. Even if they are Spike from Top Chef 4.

I loved Ryan, though the boy was a goof and a spazz.


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