Thursday, May 01, 2008

Old School Thursday: Musically Scientific Flying Fish Edition?

Happy National Chocolate Parfait Day. Also, happy birthday to my sister Erin! Who wouldn’t want to be 24? That’s a great age.

In other news, today is totally random. Music, airplanes, science and really big fish. Sort of sounds like a movie pitch, but not one that hangs together all that well.

On the airplane front, in 1927, British airline Imperial Airways became the first to serve hot meals. Hmmm. That obviously worked out for the airline, and for the industry in general.

In more successful news, today in 1971, the Rolling Stones released the song “Brown Sugar”, spawning thousands of mid-nineties-and-on conversations about things you used to be able to sing about or talk about in movies or on TV, but that would never fly today.

Exactly two decades later, English biologist Charles Elton died. Elton first developed the idea of the food chain, spawning thousands of early 21st century conversations (in my house) about why I’m not a vegetarian.

And finally, just three years ago today, the largest freshwater fish ever caught – a 9 foot, 640 pound catfish – was reeled in by fishermen on the Mekong River in northern Thailand. Spawning a thousand conversations-to-be about the 10 footer that got away.

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