Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Money, Money, Money, MONEY

I wish this article wasn't so true.

It did kind of crack me up, though, and remind me that it's not really necessary for me to buy organic eggs. But, I mean, even Trader Joe's - my revered home of cheap-but-good - is full of signs apologizing for price increases. (My local Giant is, too, and is also undergoing a massive renovation. Shopping has never been so fun! It's like an adventure every day. I mean, who really wants to know where the horseradish is? Isn't it just fun to search?)

Back to the article. It's true, but it's funny, too. Especially the last paragraph, even though I'm pretty sure it was intended to be serious. But it is pure Stuff White People Like goodness. Hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

So true! I'm trying to "give up" organic butter for baking but its hard, I swear it makes a difference! Right now I'm using half organic and half regular... I'm so torn you'd think I was being forced to use oleo.

I think I drank the advertising kool-aide!


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