Friday, April 11, 2008

TV This Week

Just a few quick thoughts after a marathon night of catching up on this week's TV.

Top Chef: I'm not really sorry to see little miss I'm-always-crying-anyway go home from Chicago. She's made a few comments that make it clear she's not really cut out to go too far in the competition. Like when she said she's not a competitor. And last week, when she was all "Chocolate and wasabi? Ewwww! If that's what they want, then I can't give them what they want." Sorry, Zoi. Apparently you were pretty perceptive.

30 Rock: There was pizza. And scotch. I'm just so happy to have the writers back.

The Office: While I was kind of bummed that the episode was set outside the office with a smaller group of characters (no Kevin?!?), the dinner party itself fully delivered the kind of tension that I love about the show. Also, awfully close to the Stuff White People Like dinner party? Yes, I think so.

Again, I'm just so happy to have the writers back.

1 comment:

John said...

Stuff White People Like - that is hilarious. As for Miss Thing: I won't miss Zoi at all, though I still wanted to see Spike go. I think I despise him now. My sister totally blames Antonia and wishes she hadn't been immune, so she could've been kicked out.


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