Friday, April 25, 2008

Top Chef Thoughts

I suck at the whole "recapping" thing, huh?

I do have a couple of quick thoughts on this week's episode. First of all - pastry. Wow. That's a tough challenge, even for a quickfire. It looked like everybody did a nice job, though I wish we'd gotten to hear a little more of the judges' reactions, especially regarding taste. I, for one, was shocked that Lisa's berry and fried wonton mess made it into the top three. Not only was the plate a disaster (at least compared to everyone else's) but the dessert seemed fairly unsophisticated. Which is fine; I just don't think of it as winning.

Second - is there any way Richard's not going to win this thing? My guess for final three: Richard, Stephanie (despite last night's showing) and Dale. Maybe Andrew lurking around. Which leads me to...

I definitely think this season has the strongest talent of any. At this point in any of the previous seasons, I seem to remember at least one or two slightly subpar cheftestants still in the game. Wednesday night, Colicchio made pretty clear that the losing team was the weakest, but not necessarily weak. Everybody's got chops. The chefs know it, too.

And I was surprised that they didn't send Antonia or Lisa home. Really surprised. I see that Stephanie and Jen's dish was kind of a mess, but Antonia and Lisa had so many opportunities to connect their dish to the theme, but they just didn't. I bet we see some stepping up from Stephanie, though. She's good as it is, and last night's near-miss probably lit a fire under her.

Final notes: Spike gets his soup. Jen gets her Zoi. Read the Best Week Ever post, and the comments. Funny.


strawberriesinparis said...

I'm rooting for stephanie too!!

jj said...

Wow, all pastry, that is difficult. I wasn't too impressed with that fried wonton, either, but I'm just an observer right now so will refrain from saying more than that! ;)

John said...

I'm rooting for Johnny! But since he's a judge - and not even a regular one, just a guest - I have to go for either Rich, Dale or maybe Stephanie. I hate everybody else on this show, and it's not because I'm being trite. I truly have a visceral dislike for these people. You know my feelings on Spike and Lisa by now. Apparently everyone has the same opinion of Lisa. Nooo, couldn't be bothered with POLISH sausage! I'm just sayin'...


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