Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quotable (and Researchy): Urbanspoon's Lattes & Obama Analysis

My statistics professor might be rolling over in his grave to hear me say it, but there's a mild but real correlation here!* States with more latte-purveying Starbucks stores are more likely to have gone for Obama. - Ethan at Urbanspoon

Today's a big day for a certain couple of Democratic Presidential nominees. So could there possibly be a better time to look at consumer consumption and voting patterns? Of course not.

Fortunately, since I'm lazy, the super-stats foodies at Urbanspoon have done all the heavy lifting necessary. If you're looking for some fabulous cocktail party conversation fodder, look no further. This is the post you've been waiting for.

Without giving anything away (because the post is totally interesting and should be read in its entirety), there's one really big surprise. At least, to me it was a really big surprise. And I've been to Wyoming. Vermont, it's not. Or it wasn't in 1989, anyway.

Go. Read it now. See, interesting, right?

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