Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TV Spot: Chester the Cheetos Cheetah Grows Up

I generally think that Slate's Seth Stevenson gets it right when it comes to ads, and his highly positive review of the new adults-targeting Cheetos spots ("Orange Underground") seems dead-on to me. I'm the target (I'm assuming they're looking at an 18-35 demo, probably somewhere in my lifestyle group) and the spots resonate with me. I think they're funny. (Full disclosure: I've always kind of had a thing for Goodby Silverstein ads, ever since, way back when, I read Truth, Lies and Advertising by John Steel.)

No, I'm not going to actually participate in their little YouTube experiment, but maybe I won't feel so bad about sneaking some cheetos now and then. I may even buy a bag for the next time we have people over, and blame it on a need for kitschy retro.

But I do have one complaint about the Stevenson article, and it's this:
As one food blog writes, "Who in their right mind is actually going to go out and buy 20 bags of Cheetos to pull pranks with?" Good point.

Hey, Seth, nice quote. How about a clearer link, or some attribution? This is where you can find the original post. And it actually is linked in the text, but it's kind of confusing. Why not directly attribute the quote, at least?

Maybe I'm sensitive on behalf of food bloggers?

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