Monday, March 03, 2008

Trendy Monday: Sake2Me

This morning, I ran across this quick Oregon Magazine column about what's going on in the beer and wine world. Some of the insights are, well, kind of old (Stemless glassware? You don't say.) but I was interested to read about a company that's lauched a line of infused rice wine drinks on the West Coast. The drink is called Sake2Me. Too cute? Possibly.

I don't really like sake - at all, actually - and, obviously, I don't live on the West Coast. Plus, infused drinks don't really appeal to me. The concept sort of sounds like a slightly hipper version of a Bacardi Breezer. But. They make a ginger-mango drink.

So I may have to try it. Or at least buy it. If it ever makes it out here, that is.

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