Monday, March 10, 2008

Trendy Monday: Irish Food Everywhere

It's the week before St. Patrick's Day, so my email inbox is filled with "great Irish recipes for the holiday".


I haven't been to Ireland myself, though by all accounts the cuisine has improved a bit over the past 10ish years - I guess maybe that's one good thing that's emerged from the globalization of cuisine. But on the whole, as I understand it, the food of the Irish is still pretty bad.

My own personal experience - I am nearly all Irish by ancestry - is that corned beef and cabbage smells bad and sort of tastes like it smells. I forget where I read it, but just recently I saw a quote something like this: "Never choose to eat the cuisine of a country known for its famine."

Somehow that seems about right.

And yet the emails persist. As for me, I started celebrating early yesterday at Ryan's Daughter with fish and chips (the only thing they really do well, in my experience). And we will celebrate next weekend at home...without any Irish food at all. Well, maybe a potato or two. But they will NOT be the main event.

Anyway, we all know what the Irish really do right. Drink. THAT is a holiday trend I can support.

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