Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old School Thursday: A Perfect Day for a Rioja Edition

So, today is National Spanish Paella Day. As it turns out, my reservations at Mari Luna have larger significance. Quelle chance!

Today really should be a holiday of sorts in my house. Today in 1860, M.L. Byrn patented a new and improved corkscrew, and God knows our corkscrews get a workout. So thank you, Mr. Bryn.
In other liquor-related news, that’s also an interesting bit of trivia, today is the anniversary of the death of Sir James Dewar (1923). I don’t think he actually created the not-very-good blended scotch that bears his name, but he did invent the “Dewar Flask”…better known to the rest of us as a thermos. (Side note: my friend and former roommate Alison has a cat named Dewars. We always assumed he spoke with a British, not Scottish accent.)

And that is about it for today in food news. Enjoy some paella tonight, preferably with a nice bottle of wine – the kind that still uses a cork!

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