Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Rachael Ray News: Talk Show Ratings Probs? And SXSW? Seriously?

The RR Sux community is going to be all over this one. I think it might actually be proof that they have some power - and that is a beautiful thing. TMZ/Discovery Doug adds a new prefix to his name this morning by sending me this Page Six article (and it is long, especially for Page Six) about Rachael's ratings being in the tank, and the very real possiblity that her talk show will be dropped at the end of her contract. That's just one of her many media outlets, but what do they say? You can't walk to Rome without taking the first step? Am I even close to right on that?

In other, weirder news, I learned yesterday that RR will be hosting a day party at SXSW this year (warning: some of the comments at the link are not just NSFW, they're also disturbing). For real? In her reaction to the general disbelief expressed at this partnership, Rach is all "but I love indie music. Like the Foo Fighters."

OK, I don't love indie music - I leave that to my brother and sister - but even I realize that the Foo Fighters are, um, not indie. And say what you want about the commercialization of SXSW, you annoying hipsters, but even with my most cynical marketing hat on, I don't understand this pairing. Is she looking to expand her audience to include a younger demographic? Did somebody tell her that the people at SXSW are influencers? Because if so, that person should've also mentioned that she's got a pretty established brand and it does not mesh with the (also fairly well established) SXSW brand.

I couldn't even write about this yesterday because I just wasn't sure what to say. It's just...weird.

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