Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Two More Things about The Wire

1. Vindication. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I watched Sunday night's premiere episode while holding my breath just a little bit. I was really, really, really hoping not to see any major meals, as they would render my Sunday morning post completely irrelevant. So now I stand by my position: they don't, and shouldn't, eat. But they drink.

2. On a more interesting note, Freakonomics contributor and serious gang expert Sudhir Venkatesh watched the episode with some of his higher level, older gang contacts in New York. Today, he summarizes their reaction to the show. Fascinating stuff, and I should note that, while Cooper does not (to my knowledge) have any gang ties, he did call out the meeting in the Holiday Inn as more than a little suspicious.

Also, to the questions about whether the writers don't understand the relationship between the mayor and the feds or whether they're just painting Carcetti as incompetent: my money's on the latter. Simon and Burns know this scene - they wouldn't have gotten this far if they didn't.

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